About Us

Sanitation Africa is a registered private limited company offering sanitation services. We are professionals in the entire sanitation value chain from safe and affordable containment of faecal waste (capture structures) to treatment facilities (lagoons, stabilization ponds and mini treatment units) and their final reuse. We areexperts in draining unlined and lined pits latrines. We also upgrade existing sanitation facilities and transform bathrooms into toilets. More so, we also offer advisory services inform of sanitation consultancy services. Our company is on the move to spread throughout Uganda and currently our head office is in Kampala, an outlet in Masaka and we are soon opening up a branch in Soroti. Our services are in compliance with public health act and safe handling of faecal waste is a priority in our operations.

Company Strategy   


To lead in offering innovative sanitation solutions, uplift clients in the sanitation ladder and make profits



To provide appropriate and long lasting sanitation solutions to our customers


Mission statement

To build a strong bond with both our customers and regulators, and provide excellent services through innovative products and services.


Core values

We believe in safe separation and containment of faecal waste from humans. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate safety, honesty, integrity and ethical conduct in all aspects of our business operations.






Extend our services and products to all districts of Uganda. Upgrade to more efficient and improved sanitation technologies. To gain the trust of regulators like KCCA, NWSC, NEMA and other sanitation stake holders

Scope of Work

Sanitation Africa constructs toilet facilities, empties toilets and septic tanks, upgrades toilets, modifies inside bathrooms to toilets and provides sanitation consultancies.