Founded in 2015 by Samuel Malinga, SAL has built a unique business that blends management and consultancy expertise.

cycleCurrently active in Uganda, we are recognized and striving to be the leading and innovative service company in the sanitation value chain management. We have professionals and associate experts, providing a broad range of consulting and management services that are supported by a deep knowledge of underlying business processes and technologies.

We are proud to deliver the following services to our clients:

• Ground water supply for safe and reliable water as well as the waste water disposal as a ground water recharge to our customers.
• Solid waste management including value addition.
• Provide waste water collection, conveyance, treatment recycle and safe disposal for our clients.
• Construction of sanitation systems that reduce environmental pollution.
• Promote the amenity value of water and energy recovery as well as meet the conventional objective of pollution mitigation.
• Advisory & Consulting Services.