In today’s challenging business environment, creating value is a business necessity. That’s why SAL applies proven business processes to deliver tailor-made, cost-effective solutions to our clients.

cycleSince our inception in 2015, we have met the market need for a company capable of efficiently managing sludge and pit latrine construction. SALspecializes in starting up and construction of improved pit latrines, as well as providing operational management and consultancy expertise for Sanitation management.

Over the years, we have remained committed to delivering informed, business-savvy management and consulting services based on the dedication of our expert staff as well as our understanding of local markets and our cooperation with local resources. We manage operations with the highest standards of professionalism and provide consulting services acquired through our staff’s hands-on expertise. The consistent use of this dual approach is key to our success.

At SAL, we strive to continue building upon our track record of success so that we can deliver outstanding results and unparalleled expertise to our wide range of clients. Our aim is to create value, by producing real tangible results for our entire clients measured in terms of improved sanitation services that are durable and aspirational which target different communities depending on their social status.