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Author: Sanitation_africa

Ring lined pits 11 Dec

Ring lined pits

This type of lined pit is suitable for all soil types but highly recommended for collapsible/loose soils. The circular lining is easy to build, durable, resistant to earth’s compressional forces, has a huge volume compared to rectangular pits and it is easily drainable.

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Institutional toilets; targeting menstrual hygiene management 11 Dec

Institutional toilets; targeting menstrual hygiene management

The school toilets have over time failed to address component of menstrual hygiene management. Many school toilets smell, have flies which pose health risk to the children, disabled, and girl child especially during menstruation and expose them to adverse infections like candida, UTIs, and stigma. Sanitation Africa has developed technology that reduces exposure of pit…

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Tin and bamboo latrine 11 Dec

Tin and bamboo latrine

Tin latrine is constructed using timber and iron sheets while Bamboo latrine uses bamboo sticks instead of iron sheets. The latrines are suitable for low income communities and some of the materials can be locally sourced. The Tin and Bamboo latrines are also ideal for refugee settlements. The latrine super structures are riveted on a…

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The SmartSan Toilet 11 Dec

The SmartSan Toilet

The SmartSan is a new modular latrine that is made up of durable, reinforced and precast concrete blocks. The SmartSan components are made of concrete i.e. roof slab, wall blocks, slab and the blocks are joined using metallic pegs. The doors can be made of wood, metallic sheet or iron sheet. The SmartSan is constructed…

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Ugandan slum-dweller becomes UN “change-maker” 10 Dec

Ugandan slum-dweller becomes UN “change-maker”

A young Ugandan entrepreneur who grew up in a slum has been chosen to act as a United Nations "change-maker" to promote better sanitation and waste management. Samuel Malinga, who now runs a company called Sanitation Africa, has been nominated by the UN as one of 17 Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs.…

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TOTAL Uganda awards shs130m to start ups 10 Dec

TOTAL Uganda awards shs130m to start ups

Total Uganda has awarded sh130m to the top three winners of the Startupper of the Year by Total challenge, as seed capital to kick-start and fund their business ideas. The winners included; Samuel Malinga- a consultant at Sanitation Africa  who walked away with sh65m, Arthur Woniala- founder of Khainza who walked away with sh40m and…

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Meet Samuel Malinga 10 Dec

Meet Samuel Malinga

Samuel Malinga is a 27-year-old from Uganda, and serves as the founder and managing director of Sanitation Africa. Having grown up in the Naguru slum, Samuel became determined to increase access to sanitation services in remote and inaccessible communities throughout the country. At the age of 12, Samuel moved to the Naguru slum in the Ugandan…

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