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Category: Products

Black Soldier Flies Farming 11 Dec

Black Soldier Flies Farming

Sanitation Africa has established a colony of Black Soldier Flies which can be processed as animal feeds for poultry and fish instead of mukene (silver cyprinid) since it is rich in protein. Mukene stocks have been drastically depleted due to over fishing and Climate Change making it expensive. Black Soldier Fly larvae use organic waste…

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Sludge to Briquettes 11 Dec

Sludge to Briquettes

Raw sludge is dewatered, dried, carbonized, blended and molded into stick or honey comb briquettes. The briquettes are currently used by poultry brooders and restaurants. It is clean, burns longer and cheaper. Sanitation Africa sells sludge briquettes as an environmentally friendly option to firewood. We have also sell clean cook-stoves and unique brooding kit for…

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Emptying and transportation 11 Dec

Emptying and transportation

Pit/septic emptying is a huge challenge for many communities living in urban slums due to inaccessible challenges. Sanitation Africa promotes pit emptying using locally made semi-mechanical pumps called rammer that locally fabricated by us. The Rammer pump enables full pits both lined and unlined with detritus materials notably sanitary pads, pampers, polythene bags, condoms, old…

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Hand washing 11 Dec

Hand washing

Hand washing technologies such as fabricating a stand with tapped jerrican, tip taps with a provision of a position for holding soap can be easily incorporated in all toilets that we sell to minimize fecal to oral transmission.  The youth and fellow community members can be easily trained on the fabrication process of these hand…

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Public toilets 11 Dec

Public toilets

Many households are not proud of their households and feel a shamed to show it to their visitors, and many times the landlords are not bothered of the type of sanitation facilities that tenants are using. Also a big number of people in congested areas urinate in open and release their waste in polythene bags…

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Modular barrel Septic Tanks 11 Dec

Modular barrel Septic Tanks

This design is suitable for High Water Table Areas at household level. The modular barrel septic tank also requires low skill. The effluent can be channel into the public sewer lines in urban areas while in rural, it can be soaked away into the surrounding ground using perforated pipe. The Biological Oxygen Demand is safe…

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Ring lined pits 11 Dec

Ring lined pits

This type of lined pit is suitable for all soil types but highly recommended for collapsible/loose soils. The circular lining is easy to build, durable, resistant to earth’s compressional forces, has a huge volume compared to rectangular pits and it is easily drainable.

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Institutional toilets; targeting menstrual hygiene management 11 Dec

Institutional toilets; targeting menstrual hygiene management

The school toilets have over time failed to address component of menstrual hygiene management. Many school toilets smell, have flies which pose health risk to the children, disabled, and girl child especially during menstruation and expose them to adverse infections like candida, UTIs, and stigma. Sanitation Africa has developed technology that reduces exposure of pit…

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Tin and bamboo latrine 11 Dec

Tin and bamboo latrine

Tin latrine is constructed using timber and iron sheets while Bamboo latrine uses bamboo sticks instead of iron sheets. The latrines are suitable for low income communities and some of the materials can be locally sourced. The Tin and Bamboo latrines are also ideal for refugee settlements. The latrine super structures are riveted on a…

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The SmartSan Toilet 11 Dec

The SmartSan Toilet

The SmartSan is a new modular latrine that is made up of durable, reinforced and precast concrete blocks. The SmartSan components are made of concrete i.e. roof slab, wall blocks, slab and the blocks are joined using metallic pegs. The doors can be made of wood, metallic sheet or iron sheet. The SmartSan is constructed…

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