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Public toilets

Public toilets 11 Dec

Many households are not proud of their households and feel a shamed to show it to their visitors, and many times the landlords are not bothered of the type of sanitation facilities that tenants are using. Also a big number of people in congested areas urinate in open and release their waste in polythene bags which are later thrown to hereby rubbish bin. This poses a serious environment hazard to the public, and it is this very reason that Sanitation Africa Limited is venturing into public toilet where people pay fees to urinate, long call and bathing. Some tenants have opted to pay monthly to use our public toilets because they are clean. “Did you know that Landlords/ ladies lose and miss millions of money over poor toilet facilities?” Health Inspector in Masaka.

Clean Public toilets are very necessary for busy places and at strategic places where people pass regularly like taxi/bus parks, congested areas

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