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  • We believe in safe separation and containment of faecal waste from humans.
  • We believe in access to clean water for everyone
  • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
  • We integrate safety, honesty, integrity and ethical conduct in all aspects of our operations.

About us

Sanitation Africa was established in 2015 with the mission to enable low-income households’ access clean water and also decent and affordable toilets. Sanitation Africa designs innovative toilet solutions, improves and upgrades existing ones, to create a sustainable and dignified sanitation solutions. The Sani-enterprise provides emptying services to areas that are otherwise hard to reach. In addition to this, we process cooking briquettes made from dried sludge cake, which are sold as an environmentally friendly option to firewood.

Sanitation Africa designs and constructs gravity water flow schemes, deep and shallow wells, water purification systems. All these water projects have a well-designed business model for sustainability.


To provide appropriate and long lasting water and sanitation services to underprivileged communities in Africa.


To build a strong bond with both community members and regulators by providing excellent services through innovative products and services.


To lead in offering innovative water and sanitation solutions to underprivileged communities in Africa

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